"Kharkiv, due to its geographical position, has been from the time immemorial and will remain in future a commercial, trading town. It is the link connecting the North and the South... No wonder the merchants are Kharkiv's main force and foundation. However, the town possesses yet another force the force of its educational establishments".

From the memoirs of a 19th century traveler


Like any man any town has a face of ifs own, a face where certain features of the past harmoniously merge with those of the present. Such is Kharkiv, our native town. The town that came into being 340 years ago at the crossroads of major transportation routes has now turned into one of the largest centers of science, industry and culture in Ukraine. Due to its industrial and economic potential Kharkiv has been recognized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as the most promising Ukrainian city for business cooperation. The present booklet is just sort of a visiting card of the city. Visiting us here you are sure to acquire good friends and reliable partners.

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